COVID-19 mitigations are straining school nurses
Dec 23, 2021

COVID-19 mitigations are straining school nurses

We'll also hear why Americans are saving less after stashing funds away for a year and a half and look at the spiral of debt a taxi medallion can bring.

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We're back to saving less

Dec 23, 2021
The personal savings rate dropped in November to its lowest level since December 2017.
After squirreling away money at the heights of the pandemic, Americans are reverting back to their pre-COVID spending habits.
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Airlines ask CDC to cut quarantine times for vaccinated staff

Dec 23, 2021
They say reducing the recommended isolation period from 10 days to five after a positive COVID-19 test result would ease staffing shortages.
"You're not really fully compensated when a flight is diverted, you're taken off your schedule, and you get home 12, 24 hours later," says Sara Nelson, international president of the Association of Flight Attendants.
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School nurses are stretched thin during the pandemic

Dec 23, 2021
School nurses are attending to COVID-19 protocols on top of their regular duties of keeping students physically and emotionally healthy.
On top of their daily duties dealing with sick children, school nurses are taking care of COVID-19 protocols like testing and contact tracing.
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After 18 months on lists of Black-owned businesses, her clothing company is "leveling out"

Dec 23, 2021
Aliya Wanek's clothing line is still more popular than it was in 2019, so she reduced her hours at her day job.
Aliya Wanek now works part-time as a speech therapist to devote more time to her clothing business.
Photo courtesy Aliya Wanek

When driving a yellow cab means going into the red

From Marketplace’s “This Is Uncomfortable,” we hear from New York City’s Dalip Singh, a cab driver, about how his ticket to the middle class turned out to be a lending scam.

The economics of indie music streaming

Dec 23, 2021
Musicians depend on high streaming volume to make a living when they're paid as little as .0032 cents a stream.
Ruby Room Recordings’ producer, engineer and songwriter Elan Wright, left, listens to the mix of a new song with with musician Mark Diamond.
Emily Fox

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