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With census data comes redistricting fights — and lots of spending
Aug 12, 2021

With census data comes redistricting fights — and lots of spending

Also on the show: Dr. Leana Wen talks about public health's link to the economy, a restauranteur discusses her next chapter and Biden pleads with OPEC.

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Why politicians have little sway over gas prices

Aug 12, 2021
In an attempt to moderate gas and oil prices, Biden has asked OPEC to increase production, despite it being a function of market forces.
Gas prices near $6 a gallon at a Shell station on July 12 in San Francisco.
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Release of 2020 census data starts countdown to congressional redistricting

Aug 12, 2021
Redrawing congressional maps is an expensive process — one that will shape U.S. politics for the next 10 years.
People gathered at the Supreme Court in June 2019 as decisions on census questions were handed down. The Census Bureau released its first local data Thursday.
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

COVID closed Philadelphia's Poi Dog, but the sauces and recipes remain

Aug 12, 2021
Kiki Aranita closed her restaurant after the city shut down. A year later, she's still making Hawaiian food and building the brand.
Poi Dog, Kiki Aranita's former Hawaiian restaurant. She continues her career in food and  her efforts to build the Poi Dog brand.
Photo courtesy Kiki Aranita

Why public health and the economy are inextricably linked

Aug 12, 2021
Read an excerpt from a new book by emergency room physician and former Baltimore Health commissioner Dr. Leana Wen.
“Public health is housing. It’s food. It’s clean air. It’s education,” writes former Baltimore Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen in her new book. “It’s the social supports that give everyone their best chance to survive.”
Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

Notes from a 10-year-old entrepreneur

From Marketplace’s “Million Bazillion,” we hear from Luca, who started his own flower business for Mother’s Day.

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