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How the government took over Fannie and Freddie

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A decade ago this week, the government agreed to take over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to help stabilize the housing market. We’ll take a look back at how it all happened and interview Freddie’s CEO. But first: Wage growth is sluggish by most measures, but a new report from the White House says those figures don’t tell the whole story. Plus: What have we learned a year after the Equifax data breach? 

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Corner Office

Chegg's CEO says higher ed isn't set up for today's students

by Kai Ryssdal Sep 6, 2018
Dan Rosensweig saw a market in supporting modern college students.

There's a new generic drugmaker in town, and it doesn't need to turn a profit

by Marielle Segarra Sep 6, 2018
Across the country, hospitals and clinics are dealing with a really difficult problem: Sometimes they can’t get their hands on certain life-saving generic drugs. So one group of large hospital systems, including the Mayo Clinic and Intermountain Healthcare, has come up with a workaround. It’s created a nonprofit company called Civica RX that will make […]
Divided Decade

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, 10 years after the bailout

by Amy Scott Sep 6, 2018
Why are the mortgage giants still under government control?

White House pushes rosier wage-growth measure

by Mitchell Hartman Sep 6, 2018
A Council of Economic Advisers report argues Americans’ inflation-adjusted compensation is rising more than wage data in the monthly jobs report show.
Divided Decade

Freddie Mac CEO: "The mortgage system is very safe and sound"

by Amy Scott Sep 6, 2018
Donald Layton on the U.S. housing market 10 years after the financial crisis.

The Equifax breach happened a year ago. If you’re still frozen, you’re not alone.

by Renata Sago Sep 6, 2018
Many consumers are keeping their credit frozen, just to be safe.

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