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Does the class of 2018 have it made?

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Probably not, to be honest. They have a lot of student loans. But hey, the job market is good! Well, sort of. Listen to the story, we’ll explain. Today we talk to Qualcomm CEO Steven Mollenkopf about why he isn’t worried about China and why 5G is exciting. Also on today’s show, a couple hundred business people lit up Capitol Hill this week for the Cannabis Industry Association’s Lobby Days. They asked the lawmakers to either legalize marijuana or at least ease up on some banking and tax rules so they can do business like everybody else. (05/23/2018)

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Divided Decade

How good is it for the class of 2018?

by Mitchell Hartman May 23, 2018
This year's college graduates enter one of the best job markets since the Great Recession.
Corner Office

Qualcomm CEO isn't too worried about our trade war with China

by Kai Ryssdal and Bridget Bodnar May 23, 2018
"We actually feel like we have a seat at the table on both sides of the trade dispute," Steven Mollenkopf says.

House passes measure giving terminally ill patients more access to experimental drugs

by Amy Scott May 23, 2018
More patients who are terminally ill will potentially have access to experimental drugs under a measure passed by the House last night. President Donald Trump is expected to sign the so-called “right-to-try” bill. Forty states have already passed similar legislation. Currently, terminal patients not covered by those laws have only two options for getting unapproved […]

Turkey raises interest rates to stem currency crisis

by Tracey Samuelson May 23, 2018
The Turkish lira has been on a wild slide recently. It dropped 5 percent against the dollar Wednesday, its biggest loss in nearly a decade, before the country’s Central Bank stepped in with an emergency meeting that reversed some of those losses. The bank finally did something it’d been resisting. Something its president had been […]

The pot lobby hits Capitol Hill

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer May 24, 2018
A couple hundred business owners push for the federal legalization of marijuana so their companies can grow.

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