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Why the unemployment gap for Black and white workers persists
Apr 12, 2024

Why the unemployment gap for Black and white workers persists

Institutional racism is at the heart of the issue. But what can be done to address the gap?

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The return of standardized testing?

Harvard has become the latest Ivy League school to reinstate its standardized testing requirement, starting with next year’s class. While many schools dropped the requirement early in the pandemic when it was hard to get to a testing site, this was also seen as a way to diversify incoming classes. But Harvard says standardized tests actually help it diversify.

Capitol Hill focuses in on Boeing

Next week, the Senate is scheduled to hold not one but two hearings on Boeing’s safety lapses. Experts who reviewed the plane-maker’s manufacturing practices are set to testify. Also appearing is a whistleblower who says Boeing’s troubles extend beyond its Max jet.

The consistent unemployment gap between Black and white workers

Unpacking the persistent 2-to-1 unemployment gap between Black and white workers.
"That disparity between Black and white workers is something that remains really a defining feature, unfortunately, of the U.S labor market," said  Valerie Wilson of the Economic Policy Institute’s Program on Race, Ethnicity and the Economy.
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