VCs are finally waking up to aging as a business opportunity
Oct 5, 2023

VCs are finally waking up to aging as a business opportunity

Investors are finally seeing the chances for profit from serving an aging population. Plus, is the bond sell off going to take a breather?

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A resilient economy at risk of stalling out

We get the September jobs report tomorrow, but we got a a peek at the latest unemployment claims today. We dig in with Diane Swonk, chief economist at the audit, tax and advisory firm KPMG.

The latest on the Google antitrust case

We’re three weeks into the Justice Department’s landmark antitrust trial against Google. So far, testimony from government witnesses has focused on Google’s deals with smartphone makers and wireless carriers to be their default search engine. Soon, we may learn about how that could have affected talks between Apple and another search provider for the default setting on iPhones.

How “age tech” is creating opportunities for older adults

Growing numbers of entrepreneurs and their financial backers are starting to see aging as an opportunity for innovation and profit.
An aging population, especially in Asia, is getting investors excited, says senior economics contributor Chris Farrell. Above, an older man uses his phone in Beijing.
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