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The Southwest is the driest it’s been in more than a millennium
Feb 16, 2022

The Southwest is the driest it’s been in more than a millennium

Also today: Families of some of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims have reached a $73 million settlement in a lawsuit against bankrupt gunmaker Remington. The BBC reports on a basic income scheme for young people leaving care in Wales.

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Families of Sandy Hook victims reach $73M settlement with Remington

The families' lawsuit said the now-bankrupt gunmaker irresponsibly marketed the rifle used in the shooting.

Farmers, ranchers in the Southwest adapt to the region's worst drought in more than 1,000 years

Feb 16, 2022
Some are selling cattle. Others are changing the crops the grow.
According to a study published this week in the journal Nature Climate Change, it’s the worst drought the Southwest has experienced in at least 1,200 years. 
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