The arrow of the U.S. economy is pointing to recession
Jul 28, 2022

The arrow of the U.S. economy is pointing to recession

GDP declined 0.9% in the three months ending in June, and what that means is up for debate. The natural gas saga between the European Union and Russia has affected German chem company BASF. We talk more about finding purpose in your work with "Severance" as a backdrop.

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How natural gas cutbacks in the EU could impact U.S. farming

Jul 28, 2022
Natural gas is used to manufacture ammonia, which is a key ingredient in fertilizers.
A view shows a facility of German chemical giant BASF at the Alsachimie industrial site in Chalampe, eastern France, Jan. 17, 2022.

More purpose, fewer silos: some keys to meaningful work

In the show "Severance," characters don't understand the point of their work. And they barely know their colleagues.
The Macrodata Refinement department at Lumon Industries includes Dylan (Zach Cherry), left, Irving (John Turturro) and Mark (Adam Scott).
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