Smart home devices have entered the mainstream chat
Jul 29, 2021

Smart home devices have entered the mainstream chat

We also discuss what's going on with the Fed and what capital-starved small businesses are thinking about as PPP loan money starts running out.

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Federal Reserve Chair Powell says economy is progressing

Jerome Powell met with policymakers earlier this week. Nancy Marshall-Genzer has details.

As PPP funds run dry, small businesses need capital

Jul 29, 2021
There’s still a lot of recovery to go, and financial ground to make up - for small businesses, especially, according to new analysis.
Larger companies initially took advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program, which was intended to offer forgivable loans to smaller businesses.
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Americans added a few hundred million smart devices to their homes in 2020. And they're learning a lot about us.

Jul 29, 2021
There are no federal laws governing what technology companies can do with what they learn.
An assortment of recently launched Amazon devices, including an Echo Input, Echo Show, Echo Plus, Echo Sub, Echo Auto and Fire TV Recast are pictured at the company headquarters in Seattle in September.
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