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Report ties Big Tech’s big savings to climate change
Jun 22, 2022

Report ties Big Tech’s big savings to climate change

A recent report shows that tech companies – many who have been at the forefront of climate action – could actually be aiding the expansion of the fossil fuel industry through their significant bank deposits. Bill McKibben, a longtime environmental activist and founder of the new climate advocacy group Third Act, helps us dive into what this means. President Biden is officially supporting a three-month suspension of the federal fuel tax to ease the pain at the pump. A group of renewable energy developers is ready to buy $6 billion in solar panels ... if they're American made.

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How banks use Big Tech's deposits to fund the fossil fuel industry

Jun 22, 2022
Some tech giants have pledged to decarbonize operations. But their cash contributes to climate change, says environmentalist Bill McKibben.
Longtime environmental activist Bill McKibben says banks are worsening climate change by financing carbon-intensive projects, and much of the cash comes from tech giants.

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