Remote work helps soothe the pain of holiday travel
Nov 25, 2022

Remote work helps soothe the pain of holiday travel

The week of Thanksgiving is typically the busiest in terms of travel, but remote work has found ways to take the pressure off. Then, we look into the importance of the final two months of the year when it comes to holiday retail. Also, we speak to a New York Times reporter about a special way countries are fighting both debt and climate change.

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How remote work is easing the Thanksgiving travel crush

Nov 25, 2022
Those with the flexibility to travel ahead of peak times have been rewarded with lower prices for flights.
While Thanksgiving travel is typically concentrated close to the holiday, remote work allowed travelers to spread out their flights this year, easing strain on the airline industry.
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For some countries, blue bonds offer a way to refinance debt while fighting climate change

Blue bonds, or debt-for-nature-swaps, are helping developing nations refinance their debt while conserving their oceans.
Blue bonds are one way countries can battle debt while looking out for the world's oceans.
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