Recession worries have Big Tech giants slipping
Oct 26, 2022

Recession worries have Big Tech giants slipping

Alphabet, Microsoft and Spotify are reporting declines in profit and ad sales growth. For our election-oriented coverage in Texas, we look at how redistricting affects the money dynamics for candidates. There's a lower percentage of households with no checking or savings accounts with banks.

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Texas redistricting changes how congressional candidates allocate money

Oct 26, 2022
Some congressional candidates are doubling down on campaign spending to win over new districts.
"We’re running a full campaign like we did the very first time," says Vicente Gonzalez, who campaigned at an event in Harlingen, Texas, above. "We’ve knocked on over 145,000 doors.”
Nancy Marshall Genzer/Marketplace

The proportion of "unbanked" households is lowest since 2009, FDIC finds

Oct 26, 2022
The government agency that supervises banking institutions defines "unbanked" households as ones where no one has a checking or savings account. Here's why there are fewer of them now.
Among the reasons people are opening bank accounts is government stimulus during the pandemic.
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