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OSHA directed to strengthen workplace safety rules
Jan 22, 2021

OSHA directed to strengthen workplace safety rules

President Biden has signed an executive order directing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, to create stronger workplace rules for keeping workers safe from COVID-19. Plus, pushback on Biden's proposed stimulus package in Washington. And, how rural food banks and pantries have found ways to reach people in remote locations.

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Biden orders OSHA to strengthen COVID-19 safety rules

Jan 22, 2021
The order also asks OSHA to strengthen its workplace enforcement efforts.
An employee wipes down outdoor tables at a restaurant in Florida.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Just how much stimulus can Congress actually pass?

Drew Matus, chief market strategist for MetLife Investment Management, joins us to discuss.

Rural food banks find ways to deliver during pandemic

Jan 22, 2021
For many low-income people in rural areas, simply getting to a grocery store or food bank can be a barrier to getting enough to eat.
Food price inflation is causing some food banks to consider their costs and tighten where needed.
Karen Ducey/Getty Images

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