Next year, your health care could get more expensive
Jul 6, 2023

Next year, your health care could get more expensive

Like, 7% more expensive. But will the price hike stick around? Plus, Janet Yellen visits China and Toyota announces EV progress.

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After months of glut, manufacturers now say inventories are almost "too low"

Jul 6, 2023
Manufacturers surveyed by the Institute for Supply Management said that their clients’ inventories shrank in June. But how low is too low?
Low inventory levels could be a sign that manufacturers are doing a good job of handling the economic slow down.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Toyota makes push for solid-state battery technology for EVs

Jul 6, 2023
If the carmaker is successful, it could revolutionize the electric vehicle industry and Toyota's place in it.
If successful, the technology will be a gamechanger. But Toyota says they're still a few years out from putting the new battery on the market.
Yuichi Yamazaki

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