Meta, Spotify earnings reports rattle Wall Street
Feb 3, 2022

Meta, Spotify earnings reports rattle Wall Street

Trending up, however, are the sales of electric vehicles, which doubled in 2021. And, while the costs for companies have risen, so too – somehow – have profits. One reason? People just really want some of the stuff businesses are selling, like cars.

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Sales of electric vehicles doubled in 2021

Feb 3, 2022
Sales of gas-powered SUVs also set a record.
The sales of electric cars tripled over the past two years.
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Companies' costs are up, but for many, so are profits

Feb 3, 2022
That’s because for certain things …customers are just willing to pay more.
Many companies, like car dealerships, have been able to pull a profit during the pandemic because of the demand for their product.
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