Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has her first Congressional hearing today, and auto workers at a the three year-old Volkswagen plant in Tennessee will vote on whether to have union representation, a decision that could change the strength of auto unions in the American South. 
A health-care reform specialist helps people select insurance plans at an Affordable Care Act Enrollment Fair at California's Pasadena City College in 2013.

Delays for Obamacare, on the business side

In early February, the Obama administration announced again it was pushing back some health care rules.
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PODCAST: Silicon Galley?

Another Obamacare delay that gives businesses some breathing room. And, the first part of our series on the increasingly isolated culture of the tech industry: Silicon Island.
Posted In: Silicon Valley, Affordable Care Act

EU officials debate sanctions after Switzerland restricts immigration

Switzerland isn't an European Union member, but still benefits from the charter. Official members say the country is cherry-picking which laws to follow.
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North Korea's homegrown operating system seems familiar

Like other technology and software out of the DPRK, the new OS seems to imitate rather than innovate.
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HTC goes low-end amid struggle to compete in smartphone market

The Taiwanese phone maker considers new moves after a disappointing earnings report.
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Could workers in a Southern state join an auto union?

Autoworkers at a Volkswagen plant in Tennessee vote on whether to have union representation.
Posted In: United Auto Workers, tennessee, Volkswagen

Will Janet Yellen follow the Bernanke plan?

Yellen faces her first congressional hearing today as Fed chair.
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Civil liberties activists hold a rally protesting surveillance of U.S. citizens by the National Security Agency Jan. 17 at the Justice Department in Washington.

Can redditors influence lawmakers?

Internet companies work to influence Congress... again.
Posted In: reddit, Internet, nsa, surveillance

Silicon Galley? Seeking innovation off-shore

A new generation of pioneers is seeking to create their own communities where the focus is on innovation for business outside of the mainstream -- and outside of the United States.
Posted In: Silicon Valley, california

Should the post office sell personal loans?

Providing basic financial services could bolster the post office's income
Posted In: post office, payday loans, lending

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