Marketplace Morning Report for Monday April 14, 2014

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Easter is almost a month later than last year. Big deal, you say, it’s not like it’s Christmas. But stores like Rite Aid and Walgreens have already reported that the late Easter has reduced their front-of-store sales. Sabri looks at how a delayed Easter can be a drag on the economy. Plus: Our trusted representatives leave DC for a two-week recess this weekend. But that doesn’t mean they’re just going to relax on the beach for a fortnight, oh no! There’s work to be done at home, flesh to press and ribbons to cut and babies to kiss and, of course, money to raise. Amy Scott reports on what recess really means for congressional representatives.

Don't expect greenhouse gas emissions to change

Al Gore warned us. Did we listen? A little.
Posted In: greenhouse gases

PODCAST: Warm reception for retail

Congress is out for recess, but not to play. And a look at France's proposed new rules for workplace messaging after hours.
Posted In: Retail, Congress, France

In China, a city's water, poisoned

Lanzhou’s water supply was contaminated with Benzene, a cancer-causing chemical
Posted In: water, pollution, China
Easter treats

Earnings' fate when Easter's late

Easter is almost a month later than last year... and so are sales.
Posted In: Easter, Rite Aid
Republican Rep. Paul Ryan Visits The Iowa State Fair

Spring break for Congress: Still work

Congress is in the midst of a two-week recess.
Posted In: Congress

Parent PLUS loans under scrutiny

Is it too easy for low-income parents to become burdened with loans?
Posted In: Parent PLUS

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