Sep 9, 2016

Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, September 9, 2016


On today's show, we'll talk about Wells Fargo's $185 million fine and interview Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz about why his company is venturing into content production.

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How the rise of food delivery is changing restaurants

Sep 9, 2016
Restaurants face new challenges with the boom in apps like DoorDash and Postmates.
A Kokuho Rose brown rice dish from the restaurant Squirl. The plate contains sorrel pesto, poached egg and watermelon radish, along with several other ingredients. 

Starbucks CEO wants to change how the media portray America

Sep 9, 2016
Howard Schultz thinks that there's a market for 'heartwarming.'
Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz wants to show a different side of this country.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Wells Fargo to pay $185 million following false accounts scandal

Sep 9, 2016
Some bank employees, under quota pressure, opened accounts in customers’ names without their permission.
The fine is the largest penalty in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's history.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Kroger tries to push more consumers to 'cage-free'

Sep 9, 2016
The company announced a new line of 'more affordable' eggs ahead of its earnings.
Multiple big names in the food industry are starting to make cage-free eggs.

The next frontier for computer-generated speech

Sep 9, 2016
The relationship between banks and physical commodities, interest rates, delivery service apps, and computer voices.

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