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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday August 8, 2014

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Malaysia Airlines has lost two airliners this year with 537 people gone. The company’s been burning through its cash and now the Malaysian government is stepping in ahead of some kind of restructuring. Plus, the broadcast TV network with the most viewers these days is CBS, which revealed better than expected profits after the market closed yesterday. CBS has the NCIS franchise, Big Bang Theory and all of the Showtime cable channels. We’re now most-of-the-way through corporate-earnings season for the second quarter now, with Bloomberg News calculating that profits at S&P 500 companies will be up around 9-and-a-half percent. More on what this growth means. Also, the Obama Administration is forcing states to cut greenhouse-gas emissions from power plants. The rules, which came out in June, leave some states with tougher assignments than others. For instance, Kentucky’s targets for cutting emissions seem comparatively lenient. But Kentucky relies almost exclusively on coal to make electricity, and that presents a special challenge.


Segments From this episode

Corporate earnings: up. Hiring: not so much.

by Mitchell Hartman Aug 8, 2014
Corporate America shows profit growth, but global troubles cloud the future.

Cleveland small businesses hope to cash in on Gay Games

by Afi-Odelia Scruggs Aug 8, 2014
Gay Games 9 visitors are expected to bring $40 million to the Cleveland area.

EPA rules may zap Kentucky jobs, but not coal jobs

by Dan Weissmann Aug 8, 2014
Kentucky's manufacturing industry is based on cheap electricity produced by coal.

Military wages war on bad grades

by Annie Baxter Aug 8, 2014
New rules will require under-performing service members to pay back their tuition.
Mid-day Update

PODCAST: New credit scores

by David Brancaccio Aug 8, 2014
Changing credit scores, tougher scholarship requirements, and Cleveland preps for the Gay Games.

What you should know about the changes to credit scores

by Krissy Clark Aug 8, 2014
FICO announced it is changing the formula it uses to score credit.

Luring talent with more than just a basketball

by David Brancaccio Aug 8, 2014
The NCAA has voted to give schools with the biggest sports programs more leeway.

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