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A hiring drop-off in November
Dec 4, 2020

A hiring drop-off in November

Just 245,000 more people were added onto payrolls last month. Plus, post-election fundraising from the Trump campaign and how that money might be spent. And, new numbers on the burnout experienced by working mothers during the pandemic.

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U.S. hiring in November misses forecasts

It’s down a lot from the hiring we saw in October. And the reason for that is clear: COVID resurgence. Christopher Low, chief economist at FHN Financial, says it’s particularly evident when you compare goods-producing industries and service industries. The former saw “solid growth,” Low said, while the latter has seen a “real slowdown.” Low also says the entire reason we saw a slight drop in the unemployment rate is because of how many people stopped looking for work altogether.

Pandemic burnout takes a toll on women working, caring for kids and more

Dec 4, 2020
The CDC says two out of every three caregivers are women, who support not only children but also adults with chronic illnesses.
A survey from health startup Maven estimates 10 million women are struggling to juggle their responsibilities.
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