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Jobs came back with a vengeance in March
Apr 2, 2021

Jobs came back with a vengeance in March

The U.S. economy beat expectations and added 916,000 jobs in March. Plus, the pandemic downturn has had a disproportionate effect on women, and in particular mothers with young kids, according to a new report from the Brookings Institution. And, with Broadway looking forward to reopening, how actors have coped with a year offstage.

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What's behind the massive jobs gain for March?

Even after adjusting for the rebound from February’s bad weather the jobs gains for the U.S. economy are huge, said Christopher Low, chief economist at FHN Financial. “It’s huge because employers are growing in confidence that we’re finally putting the pandemic behind us,” Low said. “We have big gains in business services, in education and health care. It’s really widespread.” Low also added that the data shows employers are replacing temporary positions with permanent ones.

A year into COVID, child care issues still affect mothers' employment

Apr 2, 2021
The Brookings Institution says those mothers, especially Black and Latinx women, are still struggling to regain jobs.
Women's participation in the workforce is at a record low. Unaffordable child care and pay inequity are some of the reasons why.
Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

For Broadway performers, a year of pandemic unemployment and reflection

Apr 2, 2021
As Broadway eyes reopening, a performer reflects on a year offstage.
"I think theater is resilient," said Broadway's Kathryn Allison. "There's nothing like sitting in a theater with a group of people, watching something that you know tomorrow's audience will never see."

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