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It’s tapering time for the Fed
Nov 4, 2021

It’s tapering time for the Fed

Also today: Diane Swonk offers up some insight for our discussion about the markets. Airbnb is set to announce its earnings, and it's also trying to make efforts to get on the good side of communities. We take a closer look at how the cap and trade system deals with carbon emissions. 

Segments From this episode

Federal Reserve to cut back on economic stimulus

Karen Petrou of Federal Financial Analytics helps explain what tapering looks like for the Fed.

How does a cap and trade system for carbon emissions work?

Nov 4, 2021
It's a market-focused alternative to carbon taxes.
There are more than 50 cap and trade programs across the world to address carbon emissions.
Kevin Frayer via Getty Images

Airbnb takes a more conciliatory approach to communities

Nov 4, 2021
Where once the company fought regulations, now its pre-empting them with its own policies designed to curb bad behavior by renters.
Airbnb announced an extension of its ban on house parties this week.
Martin Bureau/AFP via Getty Images

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