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It’s not just chicken wings
Jun 29, 2021

It’s not just chicken wings

Food shortages in the U.S. are running deeper right now. At least nine fast-food chains and restaurants surveyed by Reuters acknowledged some of their locations are dealing with shortages of key ingredients and products, as firms deal with end-of-lockdown distortions in supply chains. Plus, Facebook escapes one big antitrust lawsuit ... for now. And, a new season of "Million Bazillion," Marketplace's podcast about money for kids and their families, and this week's episode — all about taxes.

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Some restaurant chains deal with supply shortages by trying to pivot

Jun 29, 2021
If chicken wings are hard to find, maybe offer thighs?
The chain Wingstop just launched a brand focused on another part of the bird, calling itself "Thighstop."
Scott Olson/Getty Images

When to start talking to kids about taxes

There’s a new season of “Million Bazillion,” Marketplace’s podcast about money for kids and their families. The latest episode out now is about when to start talking about the cut we give to the government: taxes. “Million Bazillion” host Jed Kim has more.

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