Is Europe inching closer to a ban on Russian oil?
Apr 11, 2022

Is Europe inching closer to a ban on Russian oil?

Though the prospect of Europe banning Russian oil seems far away, the executive office of the European Union is drafting proposals for an embargo to be part of the next wave of sanctions on Russia. Back in the U.S., a survey finds that even though workers are in an age of growing empowerment, it doesn't mean they are any less stressed. The BBC reports on Mexico's president easily winning a recall vote.

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Workers have more leverage these days, but they're not less stressed

Apr 11, 2022
Nearly half of American workers are looking for a new job or plan to in the next year. One-third are ready to quit without a new job lined up.
One recent survey found that half of American workers think they’ll make more money just by switching jobs.
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