Infrastructure bill’s rail money could be on track to boost northeast Gateway program
Aug 11, 2021

Infrastructure bill’s rail money could be on track to boost northeast Gateway program

Susan Schmidt talks about inflation with us. COVID has forced dating apps to adjust. And, there are more vacation rentals available in Hawaii, which seems great for tourists and revenue, not so great for local residents.

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Northeast would see lion's share of new rail funding

Aug 11, 2021
The bill includes a fresh $66 billion for passenger and freight rail, the biggest investment the federal government has made in railroads since Amtrak was founded in 1971.
Amtrak, a favorite mode of transportation for President Joe Biden, will see a massive bump in funding thanks to the infrastructure bill.
Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

COVID changes prompt dating apps to adapt

Aug 11, 2021
As the number of new users has flattened, dating app companies are creating game-like scenarios and events to keep people engaged while they look for potential partners.
The dating application Bumble. Dating apps have had to adapt to COVID changes.
ERIC BARADAT/AFP via Getty Images

More vacation rentals in Hawaii mean needed revenue and upset neighbors

Aug 11, 2021
Some locals are upset with tourists causing disruptions in normally quiet neighborhoods.
Houses in Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii are seen in June 2010. Though vacation home rentals are a boost to Hawaii's economy, they've also upset some area residents.
Patrick Baz/AFP via Getty Images

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