How the demand for bigger homes weighs on the housing market
Apr 19, 2022

How the demand for bigger homes weighs on the housing market

One of the trends that's been seen in the housing market has been the demand for larger houses. It's a result of the pandemic, which funneled more people to carry out chunks of their lives indoors. However, experts warn this trend toward bigger homes could have some adverse effects on the market itself. A federal judge last night struck down a nationwide mask mandate for public transit. Soon after, major U.S. airlines dropped mask requirements, as did many airports and transit agencies. We check in on a story from a Ukrainian who fled her country and is now trying to help soldiers back home.

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The pandemic has been driving demand for bigger new homes

Apr 19, 2022
Now that people are working, eating, exercising all in one place, some want more room. But what do bigger homes do to affordability?
The demand for larger houses is trending upward, which could lead to disruption in the market.
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