GOP chips away at Democratic grip in South Texas
Oct 25, 2022

GOP chips away at Democratic grip in South Texas

Does the emergence of a Republican lawmaker in the Rio Grande Valley – typically a Democratic stronghold – signal a shift in that area? Then, we look at changes on the way for the mortgage industry. Also, polling data shows how people have a dimmer outlook of the American Dream.

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In the Rio Grande Valley, Texas Republicans make inroads with lifelong Democrats

Oct 25, 2022
Some residents feel Democrats have taken their votes for granted.
U.S. Representative Mayra Flores (R-TX), takes a photo with a supporter at a joint campaign event with Monica De La Cruz, Republican candidate for Congress, at the University Drafthouse in Mcallen, Texas, on October 10, 2022.
Allison Dinner/AFP via Getty Images

Latest Gallup poll finds pessimism about the American dream

Oct 25, 2022
The survey found fewer people believe that the next generation will do better than their parents' generation economically. Some groups have a grimmer outlook than others.
An inflation-triggered shift in the economy has darkened the outlook of the American Dream for many, according to a poll from Gallup.
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