Extra day, extra pay?
Feb 28, 2024

Extra day, extra pay?

Feb. 29, 2024 is a regular ol’ work day. So what does that additional day mean for your paycheck?

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GDP equals NBD?

There’s news today the government has revised economic growth down a tick in the fall-to-winter quarter. Gross domestic product is now labeled as 3.2%  annualized growth versus 3.3%. But last year is last year — and the focus now on where inflation and interest rates go from here. Susan Schmidt analyzes companies and stocks at the State of Wisconsin Investment Board and joins us to discuss.

How does leap year affect your paycheck?

Feb 28, 2024
There are 366 days this year. That can make paying workers more complicated.
Leap day pay is straightforward for hourly employees, but it's gets a little more complicated for salaried workers.
Gam1983/Getty Images

Latest developments in the latest shutdown drama

Congressional leaders have not yet reached a deal to fund the government and prevent a partial government shutdown beginning Saturday. They met yesterday with President Biden and emerged from the White House indicating there’s hope.

How recalls can affect a company's bottom line — and future sales

Feb 28, 2024
A recent Toyota recall affects more than 280,000 vehicles. But not all recalls are created equal in terms of how they color a company's brand and long-term customer loyalty.
More than 280,000 Toyota SUVs and pickup trucks were recalled over a software issue. But care recalls are actually pretty common.

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