Europe could use a little more CO2
Oct 11, 2022

Europe could use a little more CO2

First, small business owners are feeling better about the economy, but inflation is still top of mind. Jeffrey Cleveland helps us read what the markets are doing. A carbon dioxide shortage is weighing down the U.K. food and drink industries.

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Small business owners' biggest concern is also the Fed's: inflation

Oct 11, 2022
The National Federation of Independent Business Optimism Index is slowly creeping back from a pandemic-era low. Here's how things are playing out for one small manufacturer.
Small-business owners are generally feeling a little better about the economy, but dealing with inflation remains the top issue.
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Fizzling out: a shortage of carbon dioxide hits U.K. food and drink industry

Oct 11, 2022
The war in Ukraine and the sharp hike in the price of natural gas has sent the cost of C02, a vital industrial chemical, soaring in Europe.
The U.K. is dealing with a shortage of CO2, which is essential in the meat industry as well as the brewing and serving of beer.
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