Cows poop money for these California dairy farmers. Here’s how.
Jul 21, 2021

Cows poop money for these California dairy farmers. Here’s how.

Also today, we report on how many Americans don't have emergency savings. We also talk to Lindsey Piegza of Stifel International about stimulus money coming to households with children.

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For dairy farmers, this technology turns methane from cow manure into cash

Jul 21, 2021
More farmers are turning to machinery that siphons off greenhouse gas and channels it into the natural gas supply.
A connector channel in front of a cornfield runs to a methane pipeline. In the background, a digester captures the greenhouse gas from manure.
Amy Mayer

About a quarter of Americans have no emergency savings

Jul 21, 2021
A survey found that while the pandemic has afforded some the opportunity to save money, many low-income households could not.
Around 25% of Americans report having no emergency savings, up from 21% in 2020, per a new survey.
Hugh Pinney via Getty Images

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