That coronavirus relief on the horizon … is it a mirage?
Dec 7, 2020

That coronavirus relief on the horizon … is it a mirage?

Congress is under a lot of pressure to get a COVID-19 relief package passed, but it's not a done deal. Plus, one of sticking points in those negotiations has been aid to state and local governments. And, what can small business owners expect from the Biden administration?

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State and local governments "definitely do need some money"

That’s according to Julia Coronado, founder and president of MacroPolicy Perspectives. She says “they’ve laid off a million workers, and they’re going to continue laying off workers if they don’t get some budget support.” While the declines in revenue haven’t been quite as severe as predicted during the depths of the pandemic, revenue is still down, Coronado said.

What small business owners might expect from Biden

Dec 7, 2020
Biden has pledged to provide additional resources for small businesses. Business owners say the type of aid matters.
Biden has called for flexible grants to businesses that have lost substantial revenue. He also wants to refocus the Paycheck Protection Program on businesses with fewer than 50 employees, instead of the current 500.
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