Personal incomes are down … but consumer spending is up?
Jun 26, 2020

Personal incomes are down … but consumer spending is up?

Consumers spending jumped a record 8.2% in May, but "we're not even close" to back to normal. Airlines executives are going to the White House today to talk COVID-19 concerns. And, Ibiza's clubs are shut down for the foreseeable future.

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Major airline CEOs to arrive at White House Friday for meeting on COVID-19 issues

On the agenda: concerns around checking passengers' temperatures and contact tracing.
The numbers show that only about half a million Americans are flying every day. That’s one-fifth the normal amount for the early summer.
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Spain's party island faces an uncertain summer

Jun 26, 2020
Ibiza usually welcomes 3 million tourists to its beaches and clubs in summertime. What now with COVID-19 restrictions?
A nearly empty boardwalk in Ibiza in May. Normally, tourists would swarm the island this time of year.
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