Grocery shopping is taking an extra bite out of our paychecks
Jul 14, 2020

Grocery shopping is taking an extra bite out of our paychecks

A spike in consumer inflation for June is driven by increasing gas and grocery prices. The optimism of those who run small businesses jumped in June, but will that endure? And, domestic workers are fighting for more protections in California.

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Prices for U.S. consumers are up where it matters most

For things like groceries and gasoline, prices are actually up.
Inflation isn't entirely dead. Where it matters most, in the cost of food and the cost of energy, prices are going up.
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What does the future hold for small businesses?

The latest survey from the National Federation of Independent Business shows owners are optimistic. But, as Marketplace's Marielle Segarra reports, that could be short-lived.

California's domestic workers push for safety protections in home settings

Jul 14, 2020
A measure before the Assembly would eliminate the exclusion of domestic workers from workplace safety law that covers other employees.
The health and safety rules that govern most jobs in California do not currently protect domestic workers, like house cleaners.
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