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Any progress on Congress’ push for new economic relief bill?
Jul 30, 2020

Any progress on Congress’ push for new economic relief bill?

Democrats and Republicans appear no closer to reaching a deal on a COVID-19 relief bill. What does Fed Chair Jerome Powell think about that? Strong second-quarter earnings expected for Amazon. What utility PG&E can expect from a deal with Tesla.

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Another strong quarter expected for Amazon amid the pandemic

Jul 30, 2020
And that's despite the company spending billions of dollars hiring new workers and beefing up safety measures.
The e-commerce, streaming video and cloud-services tech behemoth had a strong first quarter, and the same is expected for the spring results.
David Becker/AFP via Getty Images

What might PG&E — and its customers — get from partnering with Tesla?

Jul 30, 2020
They've broken ground on a battery facility that could help the utility meet state energy storage requirements.
The more efficient storage facility should make it cheaper for PG&E to produce energy, which should, eventually, trickle down to ratepayers.
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

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