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Everything we didn’t buy this spring
May 15, 2020

Everything we didn’t buy this spring

A 16% drop in retail sales for April. Federal regulators have raised a question about the accuracy of a new COVID-19 test. Data that one vaccine from Oxford is working in monkeys. How farmers in the Northwest are doing.

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FDA issues alert about accuracy of Abbott rapid COVID-19 test

The concern is that it could be returning false negative results.
For now, negative results from the Abbott test should be confirmed with another more sensitive test.
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Northwest growers grapple with COVID-19 as spring harvests start to come in

May 15, 2020
Workers can stay distanced in the fields, but they work in close quarters in areas where the harvest is processed.
Jim Middleton farms asparagus north of Pasco, Wash. He says he’s worried about keeping his workers healthy, especially ones in tighter quarters in his operation’s vegetable packing shed.
Anna King/NW News Network

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