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A standoff over oil production
Jul 6, 2021

A standoff over oil production

Talks among members of OPEC and its allies ended without a deal on how to increase production levels. That leaves oil markets with some uncertainty as demand for fuel increases along with economic recoveries. Plus, an extension of food assistance for families who qualify for free or reduced-price school lunch, even during summer vacation. And, nonprofits like zoos and aquariums can once again rely on ticket sales to help pay the bills.

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Pandemic food program covers students, even on summer break

Jul 6, 2021
The number of summer meals served last July increased by 160%. And this summer, those benefits will be extended.
Karen Ducey/Getty Images

Ticket sales return to help zoos, aquariums pay bills

Jul 6, 2021
When zoos and aquariums closed their doors because of COVID, they still had to cover the cost of feeding and caring for animals.
Facilities that feature animals had to keep functioning during the pandemic, even though ticket sales stopped.
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

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