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What's the mood in London after the Brexit vote?

Jun 23, 2016
Marketplace's Stephen Beard lets us know.
Voters head to the polls to cast their vote on the EU Referendum on June 23, 2016 in Saltburn-by-the-Sea, United Kingdom.
Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

Brexit throws U.S. banks into turmoil

Jun 22, 2016
The vote by the UK to leave the EU will be very expensive for American finance
Major U.S. financial firms have substantial operations in London, so many on Wall Street are no in favor of the U.K. exiting the EU. 

A Brexit could hit Japanese currency traders hard

Jun 22, 2016
If Britain does vote to exit the EU, Japan will be among the first markets to know.
Inside the dealing room of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank. 

Celebrities and sports stars weigh in on Brexit

Jun 21, 2016
David Beckham votes remain
 Former soccer player David Beckham is one of many famous Brits speaking out. 
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

What might Brexit mean for London’s financial center?

Jun 21, 2016
Kai Ryssdal spoke with BBC Business News Correspondent Theo Leggett
Campaigners to remain in the EU unfurl a banner on Westminster Bridge as a bus bearing the face of UKIP leader Nigel Farage and a message urging voters to leave the EU in the upcoming referendum sits behind it as they wait for a flotilla of boats from the group 'Fishing for Leave' to sail by on the river Thames in London on June 15, 2016. A Brexit flotilla of fishing boats sailed up the River Thames into London today with foghorns sounding, in a protest against EU fishing quotas by the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union. 

Greece, having avoided Grexit, ponders Brexit

Jun 20, 2016
Greece, once the likeliest candidate for an EU exit, has mixed feelings on Brexit.
Greece avoided a Grexit in 2015.
Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Weekly Wrap: Where European politics meet Fed monetary policy

Jun 17, 2016
Nela Richardson and Cardiff Garcia join Kai Ryssdal to recap the week that was.

For public good, not for profit.

British Parliament member Jo Cox murdered amid Brexit turmoil

Jun 16, 2016
What the recent violence might say about the mood in Britain leading up to referendum.
A Brexit flotilla of fishing boats sails by the British houses of Parliament on the river Thames in London on Wednesday.

Brexit vote holds risks for US economy

Jun 14, 2016
If Britons vote to leave the EU, US trade treaties would need to be renegotiated, and US companies might reassess their business prospects across Europe.
Pro-Brexit flags fly from a fishing boat moored in Ramsgate on June 13, 2016. Britain's opposition Labour Party today scrambled to make the case for Europe to its members as world stock markets slipped amid concern over a British exit from the EU in a knife-edge referendum next week.

Businesses ponder the effects of Brexit

Jun 8, 2016
Business people see the pros and cons of Britain quitting the EU.
Leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, Nigel Farage talks to supporters and market traders in Birmingham Rag Market during campaigning for votes to leave the European Union in the referendum. 
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images