A hiring sign is seen at a shop July 5, 2013 in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.
A hiring sign is seen at a shop July 5, 2013 in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. - 
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Ahead of the official jobs report late in the week, the ADP payroll company tallies up paychecks. The news from them is that private sector payrolls went up a strong 191,000 jobs in March. David Kelly is chief investment strategist at JP Morgan Funds and joined us to discuss the report.

Microsoft is feeling better lately: It has a brand new CEO, Satya Nadella, its stock is up 11 percent since the start of the year and Office for iPad is finally here. Word is Microsoft is coming out with a digital personal assistant, named Cortana. It will be Microsoft's own version of Apple's Siri. Sally Herships tells us what Cortana means for Microsoft.

Tax experts will tell you if your tax return is mainly based on that W2 form you get for wages, tips, and salary from your employer, there's not much wiggle room. Sure you, you take the deductions you are entitled to, but opportunities for clever savings are slim. Too bad you're not a big corporation. Marketpalce contributor Alan Sloan is a senior editor at Fortune Magazine and joined us with a fine example of the sometimes strange US tax code.

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