Microsoft's Siri: What took so long?

Microsoft's Executive Officer Steve Ball

Microsoft's Executive Officer Steve Ballmer displays Microsoft's tablet SURFACE during a press conference in 2012 in Hollywood, California. 

Microsoft, what took you so long? 

“It’s a question,” David Smith, an analyst at Gartner says, “you could ask about an awful lot about Microsoft in the past ten years.”

But what is clear, says Smith, is that now Microsoft is working to stay competitive with Apple and Google. Which is why Microsoft's voice-recognition system may be significant.

"I don't think it will make a big difference, but I think it's more if it was missing, it's a noticeable difference," says Norman Young, an equity analyst with Morningstar.

Young says although Microsoft's product, called Cortana, may look and work a little differently than Siri. But both interfaces use Bing,  Microsoft’s search engine, so developers should have an easy time making Window’s new digital assistant better and better.

Here's a supposedly leaked video of the product:

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