Yep, it's happening on October 4th (that's a big 10/4 buddy) (I wonder if the new iPhone will have CB capabilities!). The event will be held at Apple HQ instead of at a big convention center like it usually is and, of course, it will be the first event for Tim Cook as the new honcho. Will he rock a black mock turtleneck? We can't say. There are rumors a-go-go out there. We're all expecting a new iPhone but there's some speculation that it will be an iPhone 4 upgrade rather than the iPhone 5, the mythical El Cinco. I doubt it. If they really weren't going to deliver El Cinco, that fact would have leaked by now. There are also rumors that the iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic will be killed off, leaving behind the iPod Touch and our new touch screen future behold our new touch screen overlords.

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