Shazam is the app on your phone that identifies what song you're hearing on the radio and then lets you buy it if you want. IntoNow, which launched as an app today on Apple devices, is the same thing for your TV. Say you're watching some weird movie late at night and you want to know what it is. You hold up your phone, let it listen, and it tells you . IntoNow's developers admit most people will already know what they're watching, especially in the era of on-demand and Netflix, so the value proposition is social:

IntoNow points to the app's richer features for discovery and engagement. The app doesn't stop at posting to social networks and encouraging discussion. It also tells you the show and episode that your IntoNow friends are watching, so you can watch or comment along. You can find out more details on IMDB, add the season to your Netflix queue, and follow links to buy it in iTunes

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