Hollywood is cracking down on piracy (again)

Jul 3, 2024
As pressure mounts on streaming services to make money, the industry is getting more aggressive about the global problem.
Charles Rivkin, chairman of the Motion Picture Association, making a presentation. The industry group is renewing its legislative efforts on Capitol Hill, says New York Times reporter Brooks Barnes.
David Becker/Getty Images for CinemaCon

Why haven’t more game show prizes been adjusted for inflation?

Jun 29, 2023
“Survivor”still offers the same $1 million grand prize it offered when it debuted in 2000. If the prize money had kept up with inflation, that $1 million offered in 2000 should now be $1.8 million.
"Survivor" host Jeff Probst speaks to the contestants during the "Survivor: China" finale at CBS Television City on December 16, 2007 in Los Angeles, California.  "Survivor," barring one returnee season, has offered the same $1 million prize for decades.
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Be prepared to navigate a maze to cancel that subscription

Jun 22, 2023
Behavioral economics helps explain why it's hard to unsubscribe.
The FTC alleges that Amazon intentionally complicated the cancellation process for Prime subscription service.
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In a more competitive environment, where is streaming content headed?

Sep 23, 2022
Netflix may be moving away from spending lavishly on talent to build its brand, but the demand for the content is still there.
Cast members of Netflix's hit show "Bridgerton" gather for a panel. Netflix signed a nine-figure deal with showrunner Shonda Rhimes in 2017.
Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix

“Get Chris Pratt in the driver’s seat or this thing’s done”

Aug 26, 2022
An artificial intelligence company’s feedback for a once-aspiring screenwriter.
“It basically chose Chris Pratt as the silver bullet for this film,” said Trung Phan after having a screenplay he’d written analyzed by an artificial intelligence company.
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Verizon says it's done with bundles and contracts

Jan 9, 2020
With so many options available, the margins for cable providers just aren’t there anymore.
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Daytime TV is having a moment

Familiar faces from the world of news and entertainment are getting lassoed into host roles.
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For public good, not for profit.

Can Netflix keep its subscribers?

Apr 15, 2019
Are subscribers willing to pay more for Netflix?
Are subscribers willing to pay more for Netflix?

He brought "Game of Thrones" languages to life

Apr 10, 2019
David Peterson created the Dothraki and High Valyrian tongues.
Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark in "Game of Thrones" season 8.
Helen Sloan/HBO

"Grey's Anatomy" pulls off a medical miracle

Feb 28, 2019
The prime time show is now the longest-running medical drama on U.S. TV.
Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes and actress Ellen Pompeo attend an event in West Hollywood, California on September 26, 2015.
Mark Davis/Getty Images