The Xoom, Motorola's impending Android based tablet and alleged iPad killer, was arguably the hit of the recent Consumer Electronics Show. Huge screen, looked cool, ran well. It's about to arrive, February 17th is the target, and people are now expecting the 32gb version will pull in for $700, even though a rumor over the weekend had it coming it at $800. That's significantly more than the cheapest iPad at $500 but a bit less than the data-enabled version of the same one at $729. The Xoom is only available in data-enabled version.

Here's a comparison between the two that makes the Xoom look like a better deal:

Of course, once the iPad 2 drops, we'll see how it all shakes out.

But more and more, everything is coming down to this: Do you like Apple or do you like Android? If you like Android, buy a Xoom or something else, god knows there will soon be lots of tablets to choose from. If you like Apple, buy an iPad but wait until April.

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