Verizon to pay up to $90 million in refunds to customers

There were all these little charges of $1.99 charged to customers over the years because of data exchanges initiated by software built into their phones, or because of charges for inadvertently going online on the phones. Customers had been complaining about this and reported Verizon doing nothing. Verizon had claimed it wasn't a serious problem. Now they'll be crediting customer accounts and cutting checks to former customers.

Big credit for bringing this story in goes to David Pogue of the NYT, starting with a blog post he put up almost a year ago.

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It is unfortunate that it was claimed that was not a serious problem. Yes, it is, and it a very serious one! Since, I am a share holder of VZ, I would like to be assured that the customers are taken care-off at all times.

VZ staff should embed the following two customer requirements in their brains:
1-The customer is always right,
2-If the customer is wrong – read requirement number 1.

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