Jobs pitches new spaceship-like Apple HQ

The suddenly visible Steve Jobs was in the public eye again yesterday, pitching the Cupertino, Calif. city council on a proposed new Apple headquarters that he wants to have built and operational by 2015. The building would hold 12,000 employees and be shaped like a big white tube. A lot of people are comparing it to a space ship. The exterior would be formed entirely in curved glass, no straight lines. Implicit in Jobs' presentation was that if the city didn't help make this happen, Apple would leave Cupertino. Once the facility is fully operational, it could blow up the planet Alderaan, unless someone shoots something into its exhaust port first.

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Lol, deep down we've always know Jobs is only an iBreather and iMask away from going full Vader on us anyway.

I can't wait to stand in ten hour lines for the iForce!

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