Apple unveils new design, product lines at WWDC

The Apple logo is displayed on the exterior of an Apple Store on April 23, 2013 in San Francisco, Calif.

Techies have descended on San Francisco for Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. Yesterday the company unveiled a new music streaming service, a new look for its mobile operating system, and a new line of MacBook Air laptops.

CNET's Molly Wood joins Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson to share her thoughts on the latest.

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Molly Wood is a veteran technology broadcaster, podcaster, host and writer. As an executive editor at CNET, she was the creator, host and executive producer of "Always On with Molly Wood."
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Obvious she did not attend the same conference I did. No mention at all about the unveiling of the new MacPro and it's tubular design and external only expansion and short height? It will be available at the same time the new OS that she mentioned.

Obviously she is one of those people who only like flashy and not the meat.

Maybe you should interview actual technical journalists, like those from ArsTechnica.

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