The Booming Business of Anti-LeBron T-shirts

There have been many statements made and shot down about how the economy of Cleveland will suffer because of LeBron James' departure to South Beach to play with the Miami Heat.

For how real or imagined it is, Cleveland's misfortune is turning out to be profitable for some retailers. Specifically, those selling anti-LeBron T-shirts. Right now hating LeBron is big business and they have no shortage of customers.

Photo via : '64 and Counting

You can see more at '64 and Counting and The Sports Grid

One Question: Should we be fearful of an impending anti-player-who-left-a-team-because-it-made-good-business-sense-t-shirt bubble? Just asking?

About the author

Millicent Jefferson is the director and an associate producer for Marketplace.


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