Switzerland agrees to cap vacation days

Mar 13, 2012
In a national vote, the Swiss just decided against making employers give all workers an extra two weeks of paid vacation every year.
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Americans and the vacation conundrum

Feb 15, 2012
American workers get the least amount of guaranteed paid holiday and vacation time compared to the rest of the world, and many don't even take their allotted time off, thanks to pressure from employers.
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Mid-day Extra: What the U.S. gives up for vacation

Dec 2, 2011
A recent report says that Americans gave up $34.3 billion worth of vacation days this year.
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Spend it!

Feb 16, 2011
Question: My husband and I have been diligently saving for a number of years, and have socked away enough to put down 20% on a house, to replace...
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Study: Managers still check email while on vacation

Jul 22, 2010
A study by Britain's Institute of Leadership and Management reveals that more than a third of managers surveyed say they work while on summer...
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Selling timeshare

Feb 10, 2010
Question: We have a timeshare that we would like to sell. What is the best method for selling a timeshare? There are many web sites advertising...
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Go on trip

Oct 6, 2009
Question: My wife (30 yrs old) and I (31) have been saving for multiple years to take a 6 month world trip and I am hoping you'd give me your...
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An adventure travel

Apr 24, 2009
Question: Hi, I can already hear you replying "are you nuts? Worry about reducing debt and stockpiling your emergency fund first!" But I feel that...
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