Mid-day Extra: What the U.S. gives up for vacation

Dec 2, 2011
A recent report says that Americans gave up $34.3 billion worth of vacation days this year.
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Spend it!

Feb 16, 2011
Question: My husband and I have been diligently saving for a number of years, and have socked away enough to put down 20% on a house, to replace...
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Study: Managers still check email while on vacation

Jul 22, 2010
A study by Britain's Institute of Leadership and Management reveals that more than a third of managers surveyed say they work while on summer...
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Selling timeshare

Feb 10, 2010
Question: We have a timeshare that we would like to sell. What is the best method for selling a timeshare? There are many web sites advertising...
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Go on trip

Oct 6, 2009
Question: My wife (30 yrs old) and I (31) have been saving for multiple years to take a 6 month world trip and I am hoping you'd give me your...
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An adventure travel

Apr 24, 2009
Question: Hi, I can already hear you replying "are you nuts? Worry about reducing debt and stockpiling your emergency fund first!" But I feel that...
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