Twitter may change metrics to reflect a wider audience

Jul 18, 2014
More people interact with Twitter than just those who are signed on.
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A dog, a computer and some Facebook photos of potential canine friends.

Facebook is not the only one studying your behavior

Jun 30, 2014
Why knowing so much about your feelings is key to Facebook’s success.
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Raining? Twitter wants to help sell you an umbrella

Jun 12, 2014
Twitter is teaming up with the Weather Channel to help advertisers.
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Tweets from Rakesh Agrawal, but with Getty Images

May 6, 2014
If the Rakesh Agrawal Twitter soap opera had pictures.
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Momentum stocks slowed down in March

Mar 28, 2014
Stocks for trendy companies slowed down significantly in March
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Twitter to list which music is most tweeted about

Mar 27, 2014
After the failure of their music app, Twitter tries to get back in the game.
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First tweets don't age so well

Mar 21, 2014
In which the Marketplace team and Vladimir Putin reflect on the past 8 years.
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Everyone’s first tweets are boring

Mar 21, 2014
Twitter celebrated its 8th birthday with a tool that allows users to look up their first tweet.
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Biz Stone takes it one tweet at a time

Mar 14, 2014
The innovator talks new projects and business advice for the fledgling start up.
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Marketplace's most viral stories: February 2014

Mar 10, 2014
A look through's popular online stories.
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