Greetings from what Twitter tells us is the saddest place in America

Jul 22, 2010
A bunch of smarties from Harvard University and Northeastern University took data from 300 million tweets from around the country and inferred mood...
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Internet may get credit/blame for changing FCC regulation on cussing

Jul 14, 2010
On Tuesday, a federal appeals court ruled that the FCC's indecency rules are unconstitutional (a violation of first amendment rights) and vague....
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Biz Stone and Evan Williams: Full interview transcript

Jul 8, 2010
CONVERSATIONS FROM THE CORNER OFFICE: Twitter founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams
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Twitter founders: Grow biz, 'Be helpful'

Jul 8, 2010
From the Aspen Ideas Festival, Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams talk about the origins of the social networking service, the value of trivial tweets, and the monetization platform they are launching that involves promoted tweets and trends.
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Submit Your Questions for the Twitter Guys

Jul 1, 2010
By Kai Ryssdal...
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Tweets of Old

Jun 9, 2010
We spoke to the proprietor of the Twitter feed @TweetsOfOld on today's show. It's an odd, hilarious, and strangely touching trip back through...
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Twitter introduces their own url shortener

Jun 9, 2010
You only have 140 characters to use in a tweet and you don't want to blow that on a lengthy url of some site you want to tell people about. So a...
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Tech News In Brief - 6/4/10

Jun 4, 2010
Google data collection mess gets messier China blocking FoursquareU.S. Cyber Command wants to ‘operate freely' to protect and defend computer...
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Fake BP Twitterer sort of comes forward.

Jun 4, 2010
The Twitter account at @BPGlobalPR is not run by BP and isn't really a pr account. It's parody of a pr person trying to spin the disaster in the...
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Wasn't following him before, probably gonna now

Jun 3, 2010
Gizmodo points out that the Prime Minister of Japan resigned and then headed straight to Twitter where he asked people to keep following him:...
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